GEMSE 2021 rules


The following rules apply to all registrations for the GEMSE 2021 tour. At the time of registration, the participant declares to have taken note and to accept all the provisions contained in these regulations.


  • General:

  • The GEMSE cycling tour is linked to the NTFU (cycling calendar). The second edition of The GEMSE will take place on Saturday 4 September 2021. The distances are:

  • Large GEMSE tour:

  • 190 km with +/- 6600 altimeters.

  • 170 km with +/- 5150 altimeters.

  • Small GEMSE tour:
  • 150 km with +/- 5250 altimeters
  • 130 km with +/- 3750 altimeters

    4 climbs are included in this trip.

    * Stelvio from Prato allo Stelvio.

    * Mortirolo from Mazzo di Valtellina,

    * Gavia from Ponte di Legno

    * Stelvio from Bormio.

    In this edition, time is measured, but there is no formal ranking and no awards ceremony. Perhaps this will change in later editions.


  • Subscribe:

  • When registering, you declare that you agree with the regulations.

  • Participation limit: maximum 250 participants.

  • Participation from the age of 18 (or younger if parents agree).

  • Departure tickets are registered and are not transferable.

  • Register via the official website;  

  • The costs for participating in the GEMSE are 115,- Euros per person

  • Due to Corona, the number of departure tickets is limited (provisionally set at 250). Only with favorable developments and if guidelines allow this number can be increased. So be quick because full is full!


  • Registration:

  • Registration in the San Valentino village is mandatory.

  • Registration will take place on Thursday (2 sept.) and Friday (3 sept.) evening from 17:00 to 20:00.

  • Mandatory at the time of registration is the submission of a medical certificate of up to 1 year of age (download of the model medical certificate) or a valid UCI license.

  • For security reasons, a recording occurs for a conversation for symptoms of COVID19. If you suffer from fever, sore throat, cough, difficulty breathing while registering, you must report it immediately. Unfortunately you cannot participate in GEMSE2021. Your registration remains valid for the following year.


  • Rules for participation:

  • The Gemse is not without traffic.

  • The climbs are on the main roads and outside of them you ride on parallel roads.

  • In connection with COVID19, we do not start together, but in small groups (max. 4 numbers; depending on the guidelines in force at that time) and with sufficient interval. It is not allowed to form groups larger than this number during the trip.

  • Follow cars or other means of transport are not allowed.

  • You are expected to remove your waste yourself and not throw it on the street.


  • Safety comes first (seeing and being seen):

  • Bicycle helmet required!

  • Lighting and reflective elements are required! Not only due to several tunnels, but also in bad weather.

  • The following rules apply during the tour in connection with COVID 19:
    * Keep 1.5 meters from each other;
    * staying home with (mild) symptoms or if someone in the family has a fever or     tested positive for the COVID-19 virus
     coughing and sneezing in the elbow and using tissue paper to blow or clear the   nose

  • Use your personal effects / materials as much as possible and avoid sharing materials and equipment.
    wash your hands before and after using the materials (sufficient assistance is available in each treatment center)


  • Reference stations:

  • On top of the Stelvio.

  • At the foot of the Mortirolo.

  • At the foot of the Gavia.

  • At the foot of the Stelvio in Bormio.

  • There is also a mobile post on the route.


  • Medicine and refreshment places (food and drinks):

  • On top of the Stelvio.

  • At the foot of the Mortirolo.

  • At the foot of the Gavia.

  • At the foot of the Stelvio in Bormio.

  • Ambulance on the route.


  • Guide:

  • The journey is accompanied on the road by several motorcycles / assistance car.

  • At least 1 motorcycle is leading and 1 behind the last participant.

  • Motorcycles lead the group and also among cyclists with regards to safety and possible accidents.


  • Departure times + departure courses:

  • It starts in Mals  and ends at the top of the Stelvio.

  • Starting time: in groups from 06.00 to 07.00 in the morning.

  • 06:00 = 190km

  • 06:15 = 170km
  • 06:30 = 150km + 130km

    Departure times are based on the registration distance.


  • Destination and intermediate times for the destination in Bormio (GEMSE 190 km).

  • For participants who are not at 17.00 pm at the foot of the Stelvio in Bormio, the tour ends here.

  • For them the return transport is organized by bus with bicycle trailer.


  • Destination and intermediate times for the destination (GEMSE 190 km).

  • To finish the route at the Stelvio, it is necessary to be in Bormio before 17.00 pm (measurement point of the assistance station).

  • Only participants who can start the descent before 18.00 can start the descent.

  • Transportation will be organized for all other participants.
    At the top of the Stelvio there are buses for participants who have completed the tour but cannot finish the descent and return to Mals by bicycle.


  • The organization reserves the right to:

  • Exclude participants who violate the above rules. The participant is no longer entitled to a refund of the amount.

  • In the event of extreme weather conditions or other unreasonable circumstances the tour will be canceled. This is entirely at the discretion of the organization. In case of cancellation, the registration fee will not be refunded.